Blake’s 7 The Liberator Chronicles Vol 1: 1.2 Solitary

Written by:                Nigel Fairs Starring:                     Michael Keating & Anthony Howell Director:                     Lisa Bowerman Sound Design:           Alistair Lock Music:                         Alistair Lock Cover Art:                 Anthony Lamb Released:                    February 2012 Produced by:             Big Finish The second story in the first volune of the Liberator Chronicles stars Michael Keating as Vila Restal and Anthony Howell as Gustav Nyron – […]

Blake’s 7 Liberator Chronicles vol 1: 1.1 The Turing Test

Blake’s 7 Liberator Chronicles Review 1.1 – The Turing Test  Written by           Simon Guerrier Starring                 Paul Darrow & Michael Keating Director:               Lisa Bowerman Sound Design:    Alistair Lock Music:                    Alistair Lock Cover Art:             Anthony Lamb Released                February 2012 Produced by        Big Finish This is the first […]