Hello Universe

Hello from here at the End of the Virtual World – that is, Victoria, Southern Australia.

I have always been a reader, since I was a tiny girl sitting on my Dad’s knee, pointing out all the ‘A’s in the newspaper.

When I was 8, we were given a large box of Enid Blyton’s adventure series, and I had already read them all.  This is the pattern of my life: find an author I like, and read right through their bibliography, and any thing I can find abour them…

From Georgette Heyer to Robert Heinlein, Ngaio Marsh to JD Robb – and many in between. I read them all over and over again, plus adding a few new authors along the way.

I have always been a bit broke, so concentrated on second hand books and library services. Some authors I have been known to buy new without further thought: Sir Terry Pratchett being one that immediately comes to mind.

I love my tablet with all my ebooks – I always have something to read when I finish what I am reading now – and I no longer strain to find bookshelf space for my collections.

I have recently discovered the delights of Audio Books and have been over dosing on Big Finish titles.  And I have purchased a whole lot of these… listening to the cast, listening to the author read his own work – very special.

So I have decided to start reviewing some of my favourite books and author. So hopefully you will enjoy this blog and perhaps be encouraged to try out an author that has not caught your attention before.


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