Blake’s 7 The Liberator Chronicles Vol 1: 1.2 Solitary

Written by:                Nigel Fairs

Starring:                     Michael Keating & Anthony Howellb7lib0102_solitary_1417

Director:                     Lisa Bowerman

Sound Design:           Alistair Lock

Music:                         Alistair Lock

Cover Art:                 Anthony Lamb

Released:                    February 2012

Produced by:             Big Finish

The second story in the first volune of the Liberator Chronicles stars Michael Keating as Vila Restal and Anthony Howell as Gustav Nyron – a new character.

Vila wakes to find himself on the Liberator in a locked room and his memory is impaired.  Nyron helps him to remember what has happened to bring him to this point and resolve it. The story is quite interesting and unusual with an unexpected twist (as expected in all the best stories).  If features suspense and a touch of the humour we love to see from Vila.

Michael Keating is wonderful in his portrayal of Vila and his voice is very descriptive and nice to listen to. He still sounds a lot like the Vila we got to know in theTV series, apparently his voice has not changed much as he has grown older.  Anthony as Nyron is a great addition as an extra character.  He does return a few times in other stories – which is not a spoiler cause I am not going to tell you what he does next!!

Again, the production values are very high – sound effects and music are evocative and greatly enhance the telling. The sound work continues to reflect the tone of the original series, which helps the listener refind the involvement they felt originally.

I like this story, it is very interesting and well written.  It would probably be up among my top 10 favourites of this series.

Thanks for reading

Nanna Sally


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