Blake’s 7 Liberator Chronicles vol 1: 1.1 The Turing Test

Blake’s 7 Liberator Chronicles Review

1.1 – The Turing Test

 Written by           Simon Guerrierb7lib0101_theturingtest_1417

Starring                 Paul Darrow & Michael Keating

Director:               Lisa Bowerman

Sound Design:    Alistair Lock

Music:                    Alistair Lock

Cover Art:             Anthony Lamb

Released                February 2012

Produced by        Big Finish

This is the first of the Audio Adventures of Blake’s 7 released after Big Finish acquired the rights to produce the series.

All the Chronicles are ‘Two Handers’ – using 2 actors, who tell the story and interact with each other.  Other characters are introduced in asides, or retelling their actions.

The performance is enhanced with sound effects and incidental music, which is much in keeping with the sound and music of the original television series.

I really enjoyed this story – it is very clever and well told, and I have returned to it several times.  Vila and Avon visit an isolated scientific establishment, and encournter an android. Avon is posing as an android himself, and Vila is passing as his creator. The things they discover will lead to further, unexpected actions and reactions.

The interaction between Avon and Vila is very good, reminding us of their relationship in the first 2 seasons of Blake’s 7, sniping at each other but ultimately establishing a uniquely supportive friendship. This story also offers an insight into another side of both Avon and Vila, and allows them to display a more internal understanding of their characters.

As I mentioned, the music and sound effects are evocative of the original series which is a great means of quickly reestablishing the tone of the program.  The interior view of the Liberator is slightly expanded, which we never saw on the television largely because of budgetary problems.

As an introduction to a new media for this cult series, I really encourage anyone who is familiar with Blake’s 7 to purchase and listen.

As a series, the writing and production values remain high as does the acting standards.  A few of the stories are quite disturbing in later Chronicles – but more about that another time.

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Nanna Sally Nelson


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